Cargo Services

Project Cargo
• Piers with 10.5/12 meter draft
350,000 m2 concrete outdoor storage areas
• It is possible to store and reship 50.000 m2 indoor project goods.
• Connection to national railway network from the port.
• Connection to Black Sea coastal road from the port.
• Mobile cranes with a capacity of 104 - 120 ton hauling capacity.
• Ability to meet the offers of the demanders in all equipment and storage investments required for all projects.

General Cargo
•Loading and unloading of pallet, case, plate sheet, coil sheet, pipe, machine, block stone / marble, bale, roll paper, roll cable, bagged, big-bagged etc. cargo in our port.
• Storage of said goods in suitable areas (indoor and outdoor) in temporary storage status.
• Shipment thereof by re-performing terminal services.

Bulk Solid
• Total pier length of 1.756 meters.
• Accepting all types of ships suitable for a draft of 12 meters.
11 electric pier cranes capable of handling loads from 5 tons to 35 tons.
• Crane clutches with various hauling capacities of 10 tons to 104 tons.
• Grain handling/extraction of up to 10.000 tons/day.
• Steel grain silos with a capacity of 60.000 tons.
50.000 m2 warehouse area, a total bulk good storage capacity of 250.000 tons.
400 meter industrial pier suitable for docking of all types of ships with 12 m draft. (Pier no 10-11-12)

Bulk Liquid
• Loading and unloading of liquid bulk cargo on ships with "mobile pipe line" loading unloading pier system.

Dry Bulk
• Dry bulk loading capacity of 2000 tons/day with Ronguzzi brand crane.
10000 tons/day loading/unloading capacity in big bag loading/unloading operations.

RO-RO / Passenger Transportation
• Raw vegetable transportation with Ro-Ro ships.
• Semi-trailer, trailer and vehicle transportation.
• Passenger transportation.
• Parking area and passenger lounge for all kinds of needs.

Railway Transportation (Cargo, Container, Bulk Cargo)
• The only international port with railway connection in the Black Sea, Turkey.
• Loading, unloading and transport on railway cars in export, import and transit cargos.

Railway ferry line
• Railway transportation between Russia and Turkey via Samsun-Kavkaz railway line located in industrial pier.
• Bogies of Russian wagons can be changed in this facility and they can be sent to the lines deemed fit by Turkish State Railways.
• Transfer of cargo, which arrive by highway or railroad, to the Russian wagons on the port terminal site.