Container Services

Container Loading/Unloading Services
• Performance of container ship loading/unloading services in our piers no. 1-2-3-4-5.
• Performance of container handling operations 365 days 24 hours.
• CFS services. (Internal Loading, Internal Unloading, Complete Detection / Inspection)
• Meeting various service requests of customers on CFS areas established within current terminal areas.
• Optional system is applied in CFS areas and with this method, processing of container in the planned time is achieved.

Container Storage Service
• Container storage services on areas with customs.
24/7 surveillance of warehouses with uninterrupted camera systems.
• World-class lighting and security systems.

Reefer Container Service
• Electrical connection of reefer container
• Monitoring of the internal temperature
• Electricity is provided with a total of 40 reefer sockets (electrical connection socket) for electrical connection of the reefer container.

Container Services
• Providing fast transfer, loading and unloading services for containers stored on site.

Container Fixing Service (Binding/Unbinding Cargo, Locking / Unlocking Container Locks)
• Lashing/unlashing services on board the ship before-after unloading and loading upon request of the ship or the agency.
• High quality cargo-fixing service with the best choice of materials for the containers which are filled in, so that the cargo can be delivered to the buyer without damage.