Human Resources

Human Resources Approaches


Attention is paid to ensure that there is a harmony between the qualities of our employees and their tasks, that each task is defined by analysis and that authorities and responsibilities are determined in advance.

We abide by the policy of paying our employees in accordance with the work evaluation performed taking into consideration the characteristics of their tasks, corporate value of their work, and the authority and responsibilities included in the work, and in line with the market conditions and economic indicators.

Our employees are directed according to the objectives provided in advance. Based on whether or not the objectives are achieved, their successes in their tasks and the corporate qualifications they are expected to have are evaluated within the concrete criteria.

In promotions to the management levels and replacing the vacant positions, priority is given to the employees within our system in line with career planning, back up model and performance results.

Continuous motivation of our human resources, providing professional development and protection of personal rights are indispensable principles in implementation of these basic policies.

The success of the managers is measured not only by their contribution of superior added value of management they provide to the corporation but also by the time they spare for the people they work with, by their compliance with principles of human resources and their contribution to implementation of the regulations.

Clearness and honesty are among the most important points in the relationship between the managers and the people they work with. Guidance and assessments are purely work-oriented and definitely do not target the person.

Our employees adopted the principle of being in a civilized communication regarding any subject, acting in compliance with general respect and moral values in the work environment, and helping each other even if it is not their main duty.

Establishing a connection based on mutual trust and cooperation between the company and the employees, a harmonic work environment consisting of highly efficient employees, regular performance informing, and acting equal and fair to all personnel within the framework of current status and applications are among our significant principles.

CEY HOLDİNG Family consists of team members who;
Finish what they start,
Believe in the importance of planning,
Internalize the importance of listening in communication,
Know the necessity of analysis before starting a work,
Decisive and focus on success,
Desire to be directed to works which they are/will be successful,
Respect scientific approaches, knowledge and experience,
Do not like wasting time,
Support clear and transparent information sharing and communication,
Do not ignore contribution of creativity to processes,
Respect society and environment,
Have the awareness of quality and social responsibility,
Think that cooperation and teamwork is the key to success which will turn individual energy to synergy.